The Choice

The Choice – 6/10

So let me start by saying, that this is classic Nich Sparks. So if Sparks aint’ your thang’ … then I would save your money for a different extortionately priced cinema ticket. However, if hopeless romantics and tear-inducing moments are your cup of tea, then get your pennies at the ready!

Set in Wilmington, North Carolina, we are first introduced to Travis (Benjamin Walker) – a ‘Southern Gentleman’ using his charms to lure in the local ladies.  Travis is the typical ageing bachelor, continuing to play the field whilst secretly yearning for ‘the one‘ (sorry- this is Sparks, I have to follow his whimsical style). Queue Gabby (Teresa Palmer), with her ‘girl next door’ optimism and bundles of sass. Gabby is just the kind of girl to keep Travis on his toes, she’s all he’s been searching for… there’s just one slight problem- Gabby has a fiancé.

What follows is a tale of angst and temptation, as the quarrelling pair try to fight their feelings for one another. Of course, as is classic with Sparks, this doesn’t go without heart-wrenching tragedy, but I’ll let you watch to see what that is.

So, what are my thoughts? I’ll admit that I had a soft-spot for this movie having spent a year living out in North Carolina, so a fondness for the setting may have swayed my judgment. I wouldn’t say that it was by any means overwhelming, and even for a Sparks fan, I doubt it would live up to the likes of the Notebook or Dear John. However, the characters have a certain charm and both Palmer and Walker are believable in their attempts to fight temptation.

For me personally, these storylines are just way too predictable, to the point where I could quite accurately guess many of the cringe-inducing lines. However, due to some nostalgia and all-round good feel-factor, I’m giving it a rather respectable 6.