The Choice – 6/10

So let me start by saying, that this is classic Nich Sparks. So if Sparks aint’ your thang’ … then I would save your money for a different extortionately priced cinema ticket. However, if hopeless romantics and tear-inducing moments are your cup of tea, then get your pennies at the ready!

Set in Wilmington, North Carolina, we are first introduced to Travis (Benjamin Walker) – a ‘Southern Gentleman’ using his charms to lure in the local ladies.  Travis is the typical ageing bachelor, continuing to play the field whilst secretly yearning for ‘the one‘ (sorry- this is Sparks, I have to follow his whimsical style). Queue Gabby (Teresa Palmer), with her ‘girl next door’ optimism and bundles of sass. Gabby is just the kind of girl to keep Travis on his toes, she’s all he’s been searching for… there’s just one slight problem- Gabby has a fiancé.

What follows is a tale of angst and temptation, as the quarrelling pair try to fight their feelings for one another. Of course, as is classic with Sparks, this doesn’t go without heart-wrenching tragedy, but I’ll let you watch to see what that is.

So, what are my thoughts? I’ll admit that I had a soft-spot for this movie having spent a year living out in North Carolina, so a fondness for the setting may have swayed my judgment. I wouldn’t say that it was by any means overwhelming, and even for a Sparks fan, I doubt it would live up to the likes of the Notebook or Dear John. However, the characters have a certain charm and both Palmer and Walker are believable in their attempts to fight temptation.

For me personally, these storylines are just way too predictable, to the point where I could quite accurately guess many of the cringe-inducing lines. However, due to some nostalgia and all-round good feel-factor, I’m giving it a rather respectable 6.

The Other Woman 6.5/10

So I was feeling a little downhearted and down-right bored this week, after a number of monotonous hours of trawling through lecture slides in the run-up to end of year exams. Oh the joys of university life. In this overwhelming sense of loss I needed a pick-me-up; fortunately this came well and truly in the form of a Friday night watching ‘The Other Woman’.

If I’m going to see a chick-flick, I want the true experience, and ‘The Other Woman’ does not disappoint: independent women (check), hot men (check), cheap laughs (check) … and a dollop of saucy romance (double check).





The story is spelt out clearly if you’ve seen the trailer. Cameron Diaz appears to have the perfect life and boyfriend to accompany (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). However, upon surprising said boyfriend at his house, she discovers that he is married to Kate (Leslie Mann) and she is therefore in fact his mistress. The story unfolds to reveal that the lothario has collected a string of mistresses to fulfill his high sex drive.

The laughs are better than those expected in a run-of-the-mill chick flick, the sisterhood is stronger and the men are (debatably) hotter. It may not be a life-changing, pretentious, low-budget indie film, but it is a film that the most miserable amongst us may even manage to have a chuckle at. Actually, maybe not the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, it’s not THAT funny.

I’m not suggesting that you run to the nearest over-priced cinema house in a Twi-hard fashion to watch Cameron and co. However if you find yourself at an odd’s end, bored shitless of life and forgetting what laughter feels like, this may be one for you.

Endless Love (2014) – 6.5/10

I must advise that this film comes with a SEVERE HEALTH WARNING. Those who are lactose intolerant should steer well clear of this film as it comes served with a huge helping of cheese. Literally by the barrel-load.


I have never quite felt the true meaning of ‘cringe‘ before viewing Endless Love. As is expected with the title, this film follows a teenage couple in love for the first time. They encounter a number of ‘first-world problems’ e.g. A protective father, a family affair and a jealous ex-girlfriend … but they decide that their love is *cough cough* endless, continuously displaying this through a charade of rebellious displays of affection.

Now I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I didn’t reluctantly confess that I actually enjoyed it. Yes, you read me right… don’t make me say it again.

As gooey and tragic as it is, it’s so bad that it’s so good. It almost becomes a comedy at one point, a highlight being when the lead girl says ‘I want to feel this with you’ before the first ‘love’ scene. The all-time greatest moment has to be though, when at a graduation party the 17/18 year old youths decide to pair up and make dance routines, kind of high-school musical style. I know this is a remake of an old classic, but surely some of the scenes could be updated.

I’m not going to say it’ll be for everyone, because it simply won’t. And I’m not going to say you won’t feel like diving to the nearest sick bucket in parts, because you probably will. But there’s something there that will ring true with everyone at points, admittedly a little over-exaggerated at times, but all the same you can’t help feeling a little nostalgia for a time when all was possible. Maybe it’s just me. Soppy shit.