Everest 9/10

I’m probably starting to sound a little like a broken record… but I was not looking forward to seeing the hotly anticipated Everest. I didn’t go for the full IMAX experience (cheap skate) and regrettably so, as… I bloody loved it!

This is the kind of film that the term ‘edge of your seat’ was coined for. I was so connected to the character’s that my stomach dropped at every icy slip.

Everest-MovieBased on a true story (often an indicator of a great film) … we follow Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) as he leads an expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. Each paying member of the team has their own story as to why they are attempting to reach the summit and these are revealed throughout. Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal) leads a separate group to the summit on the same day.

The true nail-biting drama hits when a violent storm unexpectedly strikes the mountain mid-climb. Challenged by harsh conditions. fierce blizzards and sub-zero temperatures, we are met with some truly gruesome and shocking viewing. It is gory and intense in equal measures.

Jason Clarke is great in the leading role, effortlesslyy swinging between a caring paternal figure and a military-style leader. It is a brilliant tale of comradery and bravery, told in an unforgettable cinematic experience of special effects and mounting tension.

I can guarantee that you’ll feel the urge to shout/scream at the screen when the character’s make seemingly idiotic decisions. However, the realism comes back to the forefront when we are reminded at the end that it is based on real-life events. It is a fantastic memoir to such brave and heroic individuals.