The Revenant – 7/10

Will he or won’t he? Let’s face it, that’s all anyone cares about, isn’t it? I’m talking about Film corner 12 favourite Leo DC and his long-awaited Oscar of course.

Well, as this is a film review blog and not a bookies, I’ll tell you my thoughts (without assessing whether it’ll be another flop for the Wolf).


It’s not often that I struggle where to begin, my mind is a little mushed post-Revenant. It’s one of those that takes a little while to settle in what you’ve just witnessed before processing whether you actually “liked” the film.

Well there’s a lot ( a LOT) of blood, and gore,  I can tell you that for one.  If being mauled by animals and sleeping in carcasses is your thing, then this is the one for you. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly squeemish,  but I found a lot of the scenes hard to swallow (and not vom straight afterwards).

So, what’s it all about? In basic, it’s a more updated, more edgy, less stereotypical classic tale of cowboys and Indians. Set in the 1820’s, Leo plays a frontiersman on a fur expedition who gets left for dead by his crew after being mauled by a bear. The main perpetrator in the crime is Tom Hardy, barely recognisable beneath the styling and outstanding performance. What follows is a classic tale of stone cold revenge. I won’t give anything more away.

Overall, it was a little slow. I understand that a struggle was being portrayed, but it was at a point where it felt like a struggle for me simply to watch it. There were also some very odd scenes, I can’t really describe them without giving anything away,  but you’ll know the ones I’m referring to. Leo DC was just classic Leo, committed, compelling and completely convincing in his art.

ARGH,  sorry, but I can’t leave it without weighing in on the Oscar nom… I think he will. Not that I think this has been one of his best performances… but more that, I (and the Oscar squad) would fear a social media revolt if Leo missed out once more.

Let me know what you think!

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