Month: March 2014

Dear Zachary- 10/10

Wow. Just wow

My decision to watch this was made on a Saturday night. One of those odd Saturday nights where you find yourself with no plans, whilst the entirety of Facebook seems to be doing something bigger/better.

So on this particular Saturday night, I found myself Googling ‘the most powerful films of all time‘. I discarded the ones with subtitles (not in the mood) and those I had seen before (why waste my time?) and found the title ‘Dear Zachary‘ appearing over and over and over again…

This I soon found out, was for good reason.

I would go as far as to say that ‘Dear Zachary‘ is THE most powerful film I have ever seen.


It is a documentary, but don’t let that put you off. It was made by then-amateur director, Kurt… Kurt was the best friend of Andrew Bagby… a man murdered in 2001…. 5 months before his first child was due to be born… Zachary.

The film starts as a ‘living memory’ of Andrew, to one day show his son how truly great his father was. Though as the story unfolds it takes on a whole new purpose.

The entire thing is gripping and raw. I have never before seen such pure emotion captured through lens, with a number of unbelievably heart-felt moments throughout. I am not ashamed to say that I choked up, even the most macho out there will.

If I can recommend one thing in this amateur, possibly pointless blog, it is that you go and watch Dear Zachary. This post will now be added to the numerous others describing the film as one of ‘the most powerful of all time’ … and rightly so. I can tell that Dear Zachary will be left with me for a long time from now, filling a number of meandering thoughts and pretentious student-y conversations… and that is exactly the kind of film I like.